Our commitment

Expand Peru offers advice, assistance, and help during your time working and staying with us. You have our commitment to making your stay unforgettable, and that you will feel safe, happy, satisfied, and productive during your volunteer experience.

Our organization provides volunteers with:

  • Assistance: We are dedicated to assisting, counseling, and coordinating for our volunteer 24 hours a day.
  • Identification: We provide a document that identifies you as an official volunteer with our program.
  • Certification: You will receive a document at the end of your service to officially verify your participation as a volunteer.
  • Uniform: Only for special activities.
  • Informational Materials These will allow the volunteer to have a safer and more enjoyable stay in our city as well as surrounding cities.
  • Room and board: In agreement with the option chosen by the volunteer (see “Your Stay”)

Our organization does not provide: Tickets and airfare, travel taxes or fees, phone calls, travel insurance, vaccines.

Social Responsibility

We are highly committed to social, ecologic, and economic responsibility, and all of our programs have been designed to avoid altering the social nature of an area, out of respect for local cultures.

  • Expand Perú incorporates social, economic, and ecological responsibility in the administration of its programs
  • We promote volunteerism as a mechanism to generate development and offer help to populations in need
  • In the planning and implementation of our projects, relationships between the intervention community, volunteers, program coordinators, children and community members are developed through unity and mutual respect.
  • We implement activities that contribute to sustainable community development; in each zone, we strive to make changes that will stand the test of time.
  • We encourage the creation and growth of family and community businesses to foster sustainable development
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