Our organization is able to remain in existence because of the payment made by volunteers who participate in our programs. We do not receive funds from the government or other organizations.

Programs in Huancayo

Length of Stay

Volunteer House

Host Family Residence

One week



One month



One month / University Program



Distribution of Income from Volunteer Payments:

  • 40% Lodging and food (if you choose to live with a host family)
  • 30% Expand Peru: The portion contributes to and guarantees the continuity and sustainability of the organization and its projects; it also supports administrative costs, services, and personnel (coordinators, assistants)
  • 30% Project and program materials, donations, salary (teachers for the children, etc)

We do not accept payment in advance or via the internet. The payment should be made in the first 3 days following the arrival of the volunteer. Payment is accepted in Peruvian money (nuevos soles), American dollars, or Euros.

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