Important Information


Communication is guaranteed in the zone where Expand Peru operates. In Huancayo and in all rural villages, there are public phone stands, internet shops, and good cell service.

In addition, host family residences and the volunteer house have phones and you will have no trouble communicating with your country of origin.

Public Transportation

Within the city and in the rural areas there is a large public transportation system. Within minutes you can be from the residential area of the city to the city center, or leave and head for any town that you choose. The system is very unique and will not be like the one in your home country-- there are many peculiarities which we will help you navigate.

There are many ways to travel within Peru. There are buses, taxis, and ‘colectivos’ (which are vans that function like public buses). Here are a few things you should know:

  • In Lima:
    • From the airport to Miraflores: S/.25 for a street taxi, 20USD for an airport taxi
    • From the airport to the city center: S/.20 for a street taxi, 20USD for an airport taxi
    • From the airport to Barranco: S/.30 for a street taxi, 30USD for an airport taxi
    • From the airport to the Cruz del Sur / Oltursa bus station: S/.25
  • In Huancayo:
    • Taxis: No more than S/.5 within the city (0.76USD)
    • Combis: Between S/.1.00 and S/.1.70 (0.35USD a 0.60USD)
    • Colectivos: Depends on the destination but usually around S/.1.00 (0.35USD)

Please note that combis and colectivos are unique to the Peruvian transportation system, and are vans that function like public buses.


The climate varies in Peru, and much of this variation depends on the season. In Huancayo, the climate is typical of the Andes, with rain from November to April and very dry from May to October. From December to March, the temperatures can be from 21°C (70°F) to 27°C (80°F), but in February and March temperatures can be from 10°C (50°F) to 16°C (60°F).


It is very important to know what type of clothes to bring. The climate here can change rapidly and it is important that you be prepared.

  • Bring a rain jacket. The weather can change in minutes. A sunny day can become rainy quickly.
  • Bring comfortable clothes, sometimes you will need to walk a bit to take public transportation, run and play with children, or play sports in our programs.
  • Look at the weather during your trip. There are many resources to learn more about the specific time of year when you’ll be travelling.
  • Ask us! We are happy to help if you have any additional questions about the weather or clothing choices.


Huancayo is a safe city, one of the safest in Peru. However, we cannot avoid all of the problems associated with urban environments. Please take the preventative safety recommendations from our coordinators very seriously.


Living is affordable in Peru. You can find things at very reasonable prices.

  • Fare to travel within the city is between 20 and 40 cents. A taxi does not cost more than $1.00 USD. Travelling into the rural zone does not result in a large price change
  • Food: Lunch in a good restaurant costs $4.00 USD, but there are also more expensive options.



It is not necessary to be vaccinated to live in Huancayo. The mountain air is fresh and clean and there are no endemic illnesses. However, volunteers that may want to visit the jungle in their free time will need the yellow fever vaccine. Please talk to your doctor before travel.

The Altitude

(Huancayo, 3270 meters above sea level): The altitude influences many aspects of life in Huancayo, especially digestion. Be careful with certain foods in your first days, because digestion is often slower and can cause stomach aches. As you become acclimated, you will be able to enjoy more adventurous Peruvian food options! Another problem with the altitude is “mountain sickness” or “altitude sickness.” This often presents as a headache and a general feeling of unwellness. This is a normal side effect of being in a high altitude, and you will feel better soon with rest and drinking plenty of fluids.


If you are vegetarian or have other dietary preferences, please let us know in advance so we can choose an appropriate host family and accommodate your needs.

Medical Service

Expand Perú has doctor allies who share their concern for the health and safety of our volunteers. They are willing to help and assist with any worry or concern you may have. You are never alone!

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