Frecuently Asked Questions

  1. Can I volunteer with a group?
    Yes, we accept couples and groups. In addition, we will organize special projects for groups if they have specific volunteer goals and objectives.
  2. Will I have to make additional payments or will their be additional costs during my stay?
    No, apart from the initial cost, you will not have to make additional payments to the organization while you are volunteering. However, you may find yourself with unexpected personal costs, such as public transportation, phone calls, recreational activities, extra bottles of water, excursions, medications, etc.
  3. Is Peru a safe country?
    Yes, Peru is generally a safe country. We have problems like any other country in the world, but our organizations makes every effort to ensure you have a safe experience. In addition, Huancayo, the city in which we operate, is one of the safest cities in Peru.
  4. Does the organization provide materials for the volunteers to work with, or should I bring my own?
    Our organization does provide materials for the volunteers to work with. However, what we have is not always sufficient-- you may choose to bring additional supplies, but please communicate with our coordinators so you can choose to bring items that we are in need of. Keep in mind that bringing materials is not necessary, but it is always a huge help to receive donations for the children we serve.
  5. When can I volunteer?
    We can use your help any time of the year.
  6. How can I pay the program feed?
    You will pay 100% of the program fee when you arrive to begin your time as a volunteer. Please pay within the first few days of arriving.
  7. Do I have to pay in advance to be accepted as a volunteer?
    No. Our organization does not accept advance payments. All volunteers make their payments in person during their first days following arrival.
  8. Is there an age limit for Expand Peru volunteers?
    The minimum age is 18, and there is no maximum age limit.
  9. Are the volunteer programs only for college students or professionals?
    No, volunteers can be students or from any career field-- we accept anyone who wants to help out!
  10. What is the minimum amount of time I can volunteer?
    The minimum length of time to volunteer is one week. We recommend you stay for at least a month so that you are better able to meet your objectives.
  11. What level of Spanish proficiency do I need to volunteer?
    IIt is not necessary to have a high level of Spanish proficiency to volunteer. There have been many cases where volunteers spoke little to no Spanish and were able to learn a lot during their time with us. We will assist you with any communication difficulties.
  12. What is the minimum number of hours I can volunteer each day?
    You can volunteer for as little as 4 hours per day, if you choose. There are other volunteers who choose to work for a full 8 hour day.
  13. Are there free days to do other activities such as tourism or sports?
    Volunteers work Monday to Friday, and have weekends free to enjoy other activities with the organization or on their own.
  14. Can I combine different volunteer programs?
    Yes, you can work in different programs. You can organize your schedule with one of our coordinators.
  15. What type of housing do you offer volunteers?
    There are two housing options: you may stay with a host family (rural or urban), or you may stay in the Volunteer House.
  16. Can I volunteer but stay in housing that isn’t affiliated with the organization?
    No. We require that you choose one of our housing options because these options are designed and supervised by our organization to ensure a safe and comfortable stay.
  17. Does Expand Peru organize tourist activities for the weekend as part of the volunteer program?
    Yes. We organize various weekend activities such as tourist activities, sports, recreation, cultural activities, and more. It is important to note that our organization does not cover any fees associated with these activities. Expand Peru is a social assistance organization, and does not fund tourism activities-- however, we realize the importance of cultural activities for volunteers and are happy to facilitate such activities.
  18. Can I do tourism activities on my own?
    Yes. You may do whatever activity you like during your free time, and there is no obligation to do the activities organized by Expand Peru.
  19. Where does my payment to Expand Peru go?
    Our organization has a very simple operational structure-- your payment is distributed among the following areas: administrative costs and operations, the host families, and program materials.
  20. What is included in the payment I make to Expand Peru?
    The volunteer program payment includes:
    • Advice and Assistance:  We are personally dedicated to our volunteers 2 hours per day and are always available to assist, advise, or coordinate.
    • Accreditation: You will receive an official document that verifies your work as a volunteer with our program.
    • Uniform: Only for special activities
    • Informational Materials: These materials help the volunteer to have a better and safer stay in our city and surrounding areas.
    • Lodging and Food: Lodging in either a host family residence or in the Volunteer House; 3 meals per day if you choose the host family option.
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