Our Programs

Our organization works directly with our own projects, and also works through alliances with other centers. We have diverse programs to meet the most urgent needs of children and communities. These programs allow the volunteer to work directly with the community and have a greater positive impact on the community.


Promote social and intellectual development of children through education. This program builds on children’s abilities to strengthen and improve the quality of education in the poorest areas of Peru.


This selection will allow you to work in different areas, performing various activities. These activities include art, music, science, games, school work, teaching English, theatre, and more. You will work with youths who are living in poverty and are in need of assistance; many of the children you will work with will be orphans or have been abandoned. Other very small children require special attention and working with volunteers is very important for them, in terms of learning and stimulation.


Health is an important part of human development. Unfortunately, it is difficult to access adequate health care in many parts of Peru, and it is even more difficult for poor families. To address this problem, Expand Peru has developed a medical volunteer program, in which volunteers can help children and adults living in poverty. In this program, we need professionals and students in the various medical sciences.

Additionally: If you have an idea, a project, or initiative that you would like to implement to help children and families living in poverty, our organization will help you to make it happen. Send us your idea and we will work together to make it happen.

Note: volunteers can help in various programs as they wish. For example, you could work in an orphanage in the morning, and in the CASA program for the afternoon, without incurring an additional fee.

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