Terms and Conditions

Registration and payment: To register, you must complete and send in the application form. The volunteer guarantees their participation once they have submitted an application and copies of their flight ticket. We do not accept payments in advance or via the internet. All payments must be made upon the arrival of the volunteer.

Acceptance and confirmation: The acceptance of the volunteer is communicated to the volunteer via an email from our organization.

Program Start Date: The date of the start of the volunteer program will be the first day that housing is available to that volunteer.

Refunds: Due to the nature of our program, it is impossible to offer refunds.

Housing: All volunteers are obligated to respect and adapt to the customs of the Peruvian families they will be staying with. An important part of this is maintaining a clean and organized room.

Changes: Volunteers can only request housing changes in their first 3 days. Changes can only be made from a host family to the volunteer house, or vice versa. Changes in the volunteer work or program can only be made after a volunteer has begun work. Our program coordinators will be available to assist you through this process.

Arrivals and Pick-Ups at the Airport: Volunteers must inform our coordinators in advance of their method of arrival and whether or not they would like to be picked up at the airport. You will have to send your flight itinerary and your itinerary all the way until your arrival in Huancayo. Please indicate the dates, times, and which transportation company you will be using.

If necessary, our organization will send someone to pick the volunteer up at the airport in Lima, transfer them to overnight lodging, and accompany them to Huancayo by bus the following day.

Once in Huancayo, the volunteer will be greeted by Expand Peru coordinators.

The Pick-Up option, which costs an additional $70.00 USD per person, includes:

  • Pickup at the airport and transfer to overnight loding
  • Overnight lodging in Lima in a hostel, or similar sort of lodging
  • Bus ticket from Lima to Huancayo
  • Transfer from overnight lodging to the bus station

Don’t forget: please send copies of your plane ticket, the time and date of arrival, and a digital photo.

Medical Insurance: We recommend that volunteers obtain their own health insurance and travel insurance before leaving your home country. Expand Peru does not cover any type of insurance or medical fees.

Optional Excursions: It is the volunteer’s responsibility to organize their free time in a way that will not interfere with their volunteer work. Weekend activities are optional and are not included as part of the volunteer payment. Expand Peru is not a travel agency and will not fund activities of this type.

Vegetarian Options: Is you are vegetarian, please communicate this to our coordinators in advance, so that we can accommodate your needs. We will be sure to place you with a family that can attend to your dietary preferences.

Volunteer Behavior: Volunteers must obey the laws of Peru, and must also adapt to the customs of the country, the host family, society in general. We reserve the right to expel any volunteer (without reimbursement) if they violate these rules. Alcohol abuse and the possession of illegal drugs can result in immediate expulsion from the program without refund. Our organization is not responsible for problems or consequences that may occur as a result of breaking the laws of Peru.

Personal Information: Expand Perú agrees to only use volunteer information as it pertains to the volunteer and the organization. We will not share your information with other organizations or individuals.

Responsibility: Travel has inherent risks, and as a volunteer, you must recognize and accept the risks associated with life and work in a developing country. Expand Perú is not liable for any risk that volunteers may be exposed to during travel, their volunteer work, or their stay. These risks may include but are not limited to: personal injury, property damage, illness, accidents, terrorism, war, or organized crime.

Copyright: Expand Perú reserves the right to all comments and photos taken during the volunteer’s stay, unless specifically denied by the volunteer. In accepting to be a volunteer with Expand Peru, you are agreeing that you have read and accepted the conditions described in this page.

The text, photos, graphic designs, and attachments of this page are the property of EXPAND PERU non-profit organization, legally granted by Mr. Bernabe Suarez Samaniego.

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