Volunteers are individuals who characterize a spirit of service, creativity, high moral standards, social conscience, solidarity, leadership, responsibility, good interpersonal relationships, the ability to work in a team, discipline, the ability to communicate well, and a concern for development and the greater good.

What is volunteer work?

Formally, it is a work that is done without pay that contributes to cause where the purpose is to improve the welfare of others or society in general.

One may decide to volunteer for many reasons:

  • To be and to feel productive and useful.
  • For the satisfaction of doing something good for the world and doing it well.
  • To learn, in every meaning of the word.
  • To give back to society and humanity.
  • To meet people with similar interests.
  • To be able to help and share one’s knowledge and abilities.

You can be a volunteer in many different ways. There are populations that will benefit from whatever skills you have to offer and there are many ways to help. Each of us has so much to give. Everything depends on your creativity and how much you want to do.


It is important that you choose the program you’d like to participate in based on your personality, talents, experience, and above all, your personal expectations.

  • To work in our projects, the most important thing is taking initiative. Volunteers shouldn’t wait for the organization to plan all aspects of activities; instead, the volunteer can exercise creativity.
  • You can volunteer any time of year, but please confirm that you will be volunteering with us with at least one week’s notice.
  • Our coordinators will supply you with the information you need to select the volunteer program that is the best fit with your skills and expectations.

You must

  • Have a passport
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Submit an application
  • Provide us with a digital photograph so that you can be recognized upon arrival
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