Adventures in the Andes – The Inca Trail

The volunteers of Expand Peru have utilized their free time to realize an expedition on the Great Inca Trail, which leads from Jauja (in the county of Junin) to Tanta (in the county of Lima). It passes one of the most impressing glaciers of the Peruvian Andes named “Pariaqaqa”.

The trip can be completed in three days and takes you through the best conserved parts of the Inca Trail. During these days we not only got to enjoy the path and the beautiful landscape surrounding it, but also visited the “Cuchimay” cave (with its rock paintings dating back fifteen thousand years), the “Pariaqaqa” glacier (which has been considered one of the most important gods in ancient Peru), the “Escalerayoc” (a set of stairs in the Inca Trail counting 300 stone steps) and breath-taking lagoons.

But what´s most important, during the trip the bonds of friendship between the coordinators and volunteers have been strengthened enormously!


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