Nombre:Project CASA : "A place to learn by playing"

Whom are we helping?: Children between 6 and 12 years who live in extreme poverty.

Objectives: improve the quality of life of children who come from poor families in the rural areas of the Andes. We give them protection, education and attention in a safe environment.

The “CASA” Centres of educational assistance are: very important social institutions with great benefits for the families and children on an individual level. They can be imagined of as centres of assistance, education, recreation, formation and protection. This project allows you as a volunteer to reach out and help the children (who are in great need of help) in a different and fun manner, working together as a team.

What does “CASA” offer:

to the children it offers games, company, cultural, physical and educational activities.

  • Informal education, realizing a great variety of educational, artistic, cultural activities and many more.
  • Provide facilities to the children where they can do their homework (assistance, material, books, etc.)
  • Helping the children to broaden their social horizon and promote their relationships by giving them the opportunity to get to know adults who are neither teachers nor parents.
  • Safe environment to play and meet friends during the time when their parents are working and they would be alone otherwise.

Activities as a volunteer:

  • Education is an important part of this project, the children mostly need help with their homework.
  • The children need to get to know social and ethical values like respect, tolerance, appreciation for each other.
  • Develop dexterity and skills through activities: physical, artistic (painting, dancing, music, singing), languages, recreational games, excursions, camping etc.
  • Educate the children in habits of personal hygiene and cleanliness.
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