Centres of education for disabled persons

Centres of education for disabled persons – “Special Angels”

Whom are we helping? : Children with different types of disability: intellectual, physical, auditory, visual.

Description du programme: : the bad conditions existing in Peru (like hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, and the lack of medical assistance) have caused a high level of disability, that affects many children and also their families. Disability is considered as a restriction to complete activities in a “normal” manner, in general this means a temporarily or permanent reduction of the functional capacity. For example: Malfunction of the ears, eyes, physical and intellectual deficiencies, speaking difficulties, disability of the skeleton or muscles.

Objectives: promote the quality of caring and the educational services that children with disabilities receive to integrate them into society in an adequate way.

Activities as a volunteer:

help the children and adolescents with intellectual and/or sensorial disabilities, developing their skills, talents, intellect, habits, moral capacities.

  • Working in special fields: sensorial and mental deficiencies.
  • Health: coordination and support in realizing activities together with the medical staff.
  • Assistance and social service
  • Development of abilities: activities in free time and integration with the children.
  • Direct actions and help: physical, psychological and lingual therapy etc.
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