Rural Schools

Rural Schools – “Education for children in the rural zones”

Whom are we helping? : Children attending schools in the rural zones of the Andes. Objectives: promoting the human and intellectual development of the minors by strengthening their skills through education.

Description: The rural schools are centres of education on a primary level, depending economically on the state of Peru. Children from age 6 to 12 are educated formally there. Due to the lack of professionals and financial resources it is impossible for the schools to provide adequate activities to complement traditional education. Because of that the pupils are experiencing an incomplete education. Expand Peru, through the work of volunteers, provides different courses that enable the children to acquire skills and knowledge like computation, English, arts, sports and many more.

Activities as a volunteer:

In accordance with your individual skills, you can choose the field in which you feel most comfortable. Options are: English, arts (any kind), computation and sports. If you have any different qualities, let us know so we can organize something special, keep in mind that everything that can help the personal and emotional growth of the children is utile and necessary.

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