Teenager Mothers

Teenager Mothers – “Protecting lives”

Whom do we help? : Pregnant teenagers and their children in situations of social danger.

Objectives: giving them the opportunity to live a dignified life and contributing to a holistic development of mother and child.

Description: This project is caring for teenagers who became pregnant due to an act of sexual violence and/or live in an environment of violence. We give them protection, care, an adequate place to live and above all the opportunity to get to know a different way of life.

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to change the future of these adolescents who are living in extremely difficult situations by engaging in different activities with them, but more importantly by giving them affection and spending time with them.

Activities as a volunteer

In this project you have the opportunity to do different activities with the young mothers and their children from basics like personal hygiene and caring for the babies to physical activities, arts, etc.

  • Helping with daily life activities of the mothers, cleaning, cooking, giving attention to and caring for the babies
  • Helping with personal hygiene and alimentation
  • Engage in activities to promote their intellectual, physical and social development
  • Promote the development of skills through sports, dancing, music, singing etc.
  • Helping the mothers with their educational activities e.g. homework
  • Teaching English, music, arts, and much more - depending on your creativity, skills and talents
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