Medical Volunteering

Workplace: hospitals, medical posts, centres of medical assistance in rural areas.

Objectives: Health plays an important role within the human development. Unfortunately, in Peru it is very difficult to access health services. It´s even more difficult for poor people. Because of that, Expand Peru has created a program for medical volunteers through which the volunteers can help poor children and adults. In this program medical professionals and students of different medical fields can participate.

The medical project takes place in the poorest zones of our city, in small hospitals that we call “Postas Medicas” (Medical Posts). It´s the place where the people who are most in need are attended.

The most needed fields are: inflammation, obstetrician, gynaecology, podiatry, general medicine, emergencies and promotion of health (sexual health, alimentation, healthy habits, etc.). These stations suffer because of logistic difficulties and the lack of (specialized) staff, that means your help is always needed. Although working in these stations and seeing the tough reality Peruvians are experiencing you will get the chance to grow personally, professionally and to expand your cultural horizon.

Your work will be realized by getting in touch directly with patients, from admitting them into care, checking their vital signs, up to treatment and supervising hospitalized patients. You will also get the chance to work in external stations, help in case of emergencies and contribute in the promotion of health, doing vaccinations, home visits, etc.

Expand Peru will provide assistance, guidance and everything else that is necessary to help you meet your personal goals. If you are still a student, you will always be accompanied by a Peruvian doctor. To take part in this project, we need a copy of any document that accredits your studies.

Note: please bring stethoscope and doctor´s overall.

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