Orphans – “A friend forever”

Whom do we help? : Children and adolescents, who were neglected in social or physical terms and/or are in risk of moral danger and lack even the most basic daily life objects.

Objectives/Targets: contribute to a holistic development of the children and adolescents to support their personal evolvement through a participative progress, helping their reintegration into society and family.

Description: : the orphanages are places of transit, children who live there have suffered from various problems. Lots of them are orphans, others have been targets of violence or have been completely abandoned by their parents. In the orphanages they are alimented, cared for, educated and they get company and moral guidance throughout their development. As a volunteer you can become someone very special for these children as they need a lot of love and you can give it to them by spending your time and sharing your experience, knowledge and talents with them. Working in those projects allows you to help highly vulnerable children, collaborate in their rehabilitation and social reintegration and give them the opportunity to develop into precious members of society. Adding to that, you can be the one guiding their way into a dignified life.

Activities as a volunteer:

The most important activity is the interaction between you and the children. They need a lot of attention, care and most important: love. Tasks are:

  • Caring for the children
  • Helping them in daily life activities like eating and personal hygiene
  • Engage in activities to promote their intellectual, physical and social development
  • Promoting development of skills through sports, dancing, music, singing, etc.
  • Helping the children with their homework (science, maths, languages e.g. English)
  • Teaching English, music, painting, etc.

There are infinite possibilities depending on your creativity, skills and talents. Whatever your personal talents are – you can definitely make use of them.

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